About Me

  • Kwanmanee (Kwan) Haemanurux is a movie blogger and an essay tutor in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • She received her Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Chulalongkorn University.
  • During her undergraduate years, she also taught English at a language school as a part-time tutor.
  • She’s always loved writing, reading, and watching movies since she can remember.
  • She started a professional writing career at Salmon Books as an editor and worked for a startup as a content manager.
  • She blogs because she loves to note what she’s feeling, thinking, or experiencing about something, movies in particular, and share it with a group of people.
  • Today, in addition to her blog at kwanmanie.com, she is still mentoring students to be a better essay writer and achieve their educational goals.
  • Plus, she founded an online business selling genuine leather bags for women. Visit her shop Kwanmanie’s Closet.
  • For work, courses, products, events, adverts, or whatever important, please contact her via email at j.kwanmanee@gmail.com or call her at 089-813-1033 if any urgency.
    You can also reach her via LINE: @kwanmanie